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The goal of our little "show about nothing" is to encourage more family meetings and discussions, as well as create content for those discussions. It is our little contribution to creating a societal "New Normal", where these frank and honest family conversations are normal. Our conversations are not be much different than we all have at a BBQ or any gathering of friends and family. Meet new people each week from the varied spectrum of political. social and religious walks of life. Everybody gets a chance to talk AND listen while we search for common ground. We Broadcast live from Chicago at 4-6 pm cst on WCPT am & fm, as well as stream live video on our YouTube Channel and audio at

 Call in with your comments during the show at 773-763- WCPT (9278).


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Eric Grant

Eric D. Grant is The Managing Partner & Financial Advisor with Polaris Wealth Management. A 1988 Howard University alumni. A husband and father, Eric and his wife, Tiffani, have three children, Irie II, Lila, and Malcolm.

Treresa McDonald

Treresa owns MRS InD'SCENT EXPOSURE, an Intimate Aromatherapy Bath and Body Shop located in the Galewood neighborhood at 6916 W. North Ave in Chicago. Treresa has has 4 wonderful, smart, and beautiful children, and has 6 lovely grandchildren. She is an alum of Georgia Tech


Richard Chew

"Black Asian Dude"


Rich is pricipal Owner of 1st Capital Insurance Group and a 20+ Year Insurance industry veteran that has successfully helped individuals, small and medium size businesses as well as large companies with corporate needs find the most effective insurance plans.

Richard is a graduate of Pepperdine University and has a Masters degree from Keller Graduate School. 

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